Wedding Shoes

There are so many decisions to make when planning a wedding. Where do you want to have the ceremony? Will it be religious or secular? Do you want to have the ceremony and reception in the same place? What do you want your wedding gown to look like? All these and many, many, many more details all have to get decided on. Today I want to talk about a very important detail that may not seem that important.

Wedding shoes.

I know what you’re thinking – they’re just shoes. They just need to look good, right? Wrong! Shoes are a pretty important piece of any wardrobe and speaking from experience, you want your wedding shoes to do more than look good. You want them to be comfortable – in theory you’re going to be wearing them for at least six hours, or longer. My wedding day, from the start of pictures until the end of clean up was more than 12 hours long. So trust me, you want comfortable shoes, or at least you want to have a comfortable pair for the reception.

Now, I’m not going to lecture you about choosing shoes. Instead, I’m going to share some wedding shoe picks from brides all over the country.



Karen and Ben got married in October 2014 on a beautiful fall day in Pennsylvania. They got married outside on a golf course, with a dramatic fall foliage backdrop. Karen is a lifelong lover of leopard print, so she chose these gorgeous heels trimmed with snow leopard print. Her bridesmaids rocked red dresses with leopard print shoes. The end result? Wedding shoes that were so Karen – it was a fun way to incorporate a love of Karen’s without being over the top.

Tori and Rich got married in June 2015. Tori chose this terrific shade of pink for her church wedding and traditional reception. The rhinestone details on these sky high heels photographed beautiful and added a bit of sparkliness to her ensemble. Props to Tori for being able to wear such high heels!

Katie and Stew also got married in June 2015. Katie’s wedding shoe pick is a bit nontraditional – but so their whole wedding! Katie and Stew had their ceremony outside, followed by a reception for close family and friends at a favorite restaurant. The next afternoon, they had a blowout picnic reception for their extended family and friends at Young’s Jersey Dairy, an Ohio favorite. Katie and Stew are lovers of all things nerdy, so their wedding featured comics of all kinds – superheros and more, as illustrated by her pick for shoes. These look so comfy! Katie found these delightful shoes at in the Prickly Paw Etsy shop, in case you’re interested.

Molly and Keith got married in June 2016 on St. Simon’s Island in Georgia. Molly and Keith tied the knot under a beautiful tree outside, where these gorgeous wedges were comfortable and chic. Somewhat simple and understated, these shoes scream Molly – they’re just as pretty and sophisticated as she is!

Venue  Details FULL-20

Of course, you know I couldn’t write this post without including my own shoes, beautifully photographed by Bryon Black. My wedding colors were orange and grey (in my defense, I let my now husband choose the first color, orange) for our May wedding. Believe it or not, I actually had these orange ballet flats for about ten years before the wedding. I bought them to wear with one specific outfit for a conference I ended up not going to, so these shoes just ended up sitting in my closet. Over the years, despite never wearing them, I just couldn’t bear to part with them – and it’s a good thing I didn’t, because orange shoes are impossible to find!

We got married outside, and all of my bridesmaids were at least two inches taller than me, so I decided that I wanted to be comfortable and wear flats. They were the perfect choice for me – they added a fun pop of color to my look, and were also comfortable enough for me to wear all night!

Readers…what did shoes did you wear for your wedding? Or, if you’re not married yet, what kind of shoes are you hoping to wear? Share your pictures as a comment. If you don’t have a picture of your shoes handy, you can always just describe them!


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